Monday, August 10, 2009

drinking like a fish and eating like a pig in a bar that has a unisex bathroom . devilman was getting down with the debauchery . sure this place was a shit hole but that's its charm . the place looked like it hasn't been cleaned since it opened but there was a line up to get in . first bar I'm heading back to on my next trip .

whats sad is that you almost get used to seeing stuff like this if spend enough time in japan . the first time i went to Tokyo i felt overwhelmed and a little like i was on an alien planet. did i mention i really like alien planets ?

nothing better than getter

some people hang art on their walls others have it on a shelf .


mach baron or red baron ? seems most people have a distinct opinion which they prefer . i love them both but if push comes to shove im in the mach baron camp .

marusan original giant size

chickens with lips call this rare . rare is such an over used term but when you have spent years
and countless hours on yahoo looking, never even coming close to seeing one of these ,well , rare is appropriate .

if at first you dont succeed , tryder, tryder again

24 hours after leaving my home im in my hotel room in japan . my friend brian is going to meet us in nakano . also known as the toy hub of tokyo . my bro erik has decided to fall asleep in the shower so im waiting with a few tall cans of beer to keep me company . finally i get the call from aquaman that he is ready to go . first store we hit i find the tryder box set . since losing three yahoo auctions i kinda gave up on these . great start to an awsome trip .


bullmark colorform aliens . other wise known as outer space men . why bullmark decided to do these is unknown but im glad they did . the original bendies came out 1964 but i have no idea when these came out .

kung poo panda

i dont know if i have ever seen anything as wierd or as cute as this . makes me think i have been collecting waaaay to long when i start picking up shit like this .


dont know what the hell im doing but i decided that i would start a blog . you know that thing you post on and nobody comments on .